Hand-made Hikone Kacchū -Modeled After Armor Used by Naotaka Ii

  1. Sales Price
    1,500,000 JPY
    *Includes 1 year warranty

Items are hand built to order piece by piece. Please inquire for details regarding delivery, payment, etc. Production may take several months or more depending on circumstances at the time of the order.

Rental Fees (before tax)

  1. To be worn / Per day
    38,000 JPY
  2. To be displayed / Per month
    100,000 JPY

*Rentals are only available to companies and organizations.
There are additional fees for fitting and display installation. Depending on the situation, installation may be possible at the time of delivery. Please inquire for details.

Price Reference for Special Orders (before tax)

  1. Leather Binding
    250,000 JPY
  2. Storage Chest: Hand-made Metal Fixtures
    150,000 JPY
  3. Storage Chest: Lacquerware Chest
    500,000 JPY
  4. Storage Chest: Cashew Finish
    125,000 JPY
  5. Storage Chest: Family Crest in Gold Lacquer
    30,000 JPY
    in one location

Prices vary depending on detailed specifications. Please inquire for details.